Massive deforestation and environmental degradation have critically endangered the Pernambuco tree and other hardwood species like rosewood and ebony. We are members of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative. IPCI is a consortium of bowmakers and restorers who are fighting for the survival of these species by funding replanting and educating consumers.

We have become acutely aware of the wasteful use of wood in low-cost, mass-produced bows. These are of such poor quality that it is less expensive to throw away the bow, and replace it with a new one, rather than repair or rehair it. This is irresponsible and wasteful of our forest resources.

Like many traditionalists, we used to disdain fiberglass, composites, or carbon-fiber bows. Now we accept these as responsible, non-wood alternatives to Pernambuco. We are happy to recommend the bows manufactured by Glasser, Inc., whose quality has improved greatly over the last couple of decades. Glasser bows are made in America, and the company stands behind its products. Glasser offers quality bows at various prices. Contact us for information regarding what is available in fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The mission of IPCI-USA is “dedicated to reversing this situation through research, replanting programs, educational outreach, and other conservation measures.”  [SOURCE]

A thank you to Lynn Armour Hanning for letting us adapt her statement.